Thursday, 29 January 2009

Where does this cat hair come from???

I went to visit my sister in Chicago for New Year. My sister has two house cats. I am allergic to cats, but especially my sister's cats. They have the finest hair and they love me a lot. So every time I visit, I bring some home with me. A gift from Chicago. Nice.

Now, being aware of my allergies (oh, don't even go in to late flowering trees or fungi), I realise the importance of removing cat hair from my clothes at every opportunity, for times when I am not drugged up to the eyeballs with the strongest anti-histamine that the supermarket can provide.

So why is it, after washing some items of clothing for probably about the fourth time since coming home, that I am still finding cat hairs? Where are these bloody things coming from???? I expect to find hairs in my socks - it is par for the course, padding round for a week on wooden floors in a house with house cats. So when neatly pairing socks for the drawer, I pick the hairs out. And once, you would think, would be enough. But No! Several weeks later I am still finding hairs in socks. And I am also finding hairs on clothes that I didn't even take with me to Chicago. There are hairs on everything. They are appearing out of thin air.

But I think I have figured it out. My sister, secretly enraged by the fact that we were never allowed to have a dog when we were children because I was far too allergic to them, has taken to furtively rubbing hairs deep within the fibres of my clothes and luggage to appear gradually when I return home, as an act of pure revenge....

Either that or there's a cat around here somewhere.

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  1. Ha ha ha. You got me! Glad to see the memories of your trip are showing up in the 1%!!!!