Monday, 8 June 2009

More Procrastination

This morning I had my follow up appointment with the ENT consultant. Despite the fact that my symptoms still persist I had an overwhelming feeling that I was wasting his time. The scan of my sinuses was fine, which is good. This meant that having an operation solely to correct my deviated septum without needing drill further holes/relieve excrutiating face pain or headaches etc was considered overkill - which is also good. Quite frankly I don't relish the thought of anybody (skilled or not) approaching my delicate schnoz with a hammer and chisel. How do the irripressably vain cope?

I was pleased with myself for making the consultant laugh at my faux disappointment by stating "Awww... I was hoping that whilst I was under they could just maybe shave a little bit off the end and make my nose look a little more pointy". But I was even more pleased when he responded by saying "Believe me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the look of your nose at all. It's a lovely nose" Gush. He is rather attractive. I will hold on to that warm girly feeling for the rest of the week.

Anyway, after making my eyes water a second time by invading my nasal passages with a probe ("just to double check"), I went home with a prescription for Gastro Resistant capsules, to rule out the possibility of reflux, of all things. I had already decided that trekking in to London in the afternoon was a foolish idea, given that I had plenty that I could get on with at home, so I contacted the office to let them know.

And then the procrastination began. Instead of launching in to the work tasks, I had a cup of tea. Then I checked my email. Then I had another cup of tea, with some lunch. Then I checked my email again. Then I printed out the documents and instructions for what I was asked to deliver and wasn't sure I understood exactly what needed to be done. I felt slightly sick. Perhaps another cup of tea will cure that. It didn't.

I thought about all of the little tasks that I needed to get done before my friend arrives tomorrow night (tube strike permitting), like wiping away a mark on the kitchen floor, properly cleaning the loo, putting on the freshly washed duvet cover. Oh, and I need to finish my Vision Board (because the bits are all over the living room floor) and iron some clothes for the rest of the week. Should I do all of that now and get it out of the way? Best not. I read through the documents again and sent an email with a short list of questions to clarify the task.

After checking my email at least a billion times, I finally made a start on creating one of the documents. And I just couldn't get my words together (I know! How unlike me!) My Ego was having a field day (ha ha, silly cow, you can't write for to-ffeeee, who is going to give you a job, you incompetent, good for nothing!) but rather than cave in to yet another cup of tea, I moved away from the introduction and started on the second paragraph instead.

And after five minutes I got in to the flow.

So that's the first document nearly complete, and the second document needs to be virtually identical, save for one section. Marvellous.

And then I read today's Kabbalah Daily Tune Up and laughed. The question I want to ask Yehuda Berg is "How do you read my mind like that?!" See for yourself:
Challenges are opportunities. I'd just like to remind you of this timeless principle for the 2,344,343th time.

Believe me, I know seeing negative events as opportunities (rather than punishment) is one of the hardest things a person can do. Just remember, it's second nature to your soul and the more you practice this perspective, the more it will become second nature to your rational consciousness.

Today, watch your experience change as your attitude changes towards things that would normally bother you.

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  1. Good to hear you got in the the flow gorjus. And yes, freaky how Yehuda is bloody psychic most days, isn't it? Love you!