Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wednesday's Procrastination

... is writing this blog. Oh, and reading my email.

Yesterday it was watching TV.

The thing is, I have so much to do that as soon as I start to think about all of the things that I have to do, I panic that I do not have time to do them. And my response is to pretend that none of it needs to be done. The result is that I have even less time to do the things that I need to do. The result is more stress, a bigger illusion of panic, and a greater instinct to run and hide.

The good thing about reading my email is that I have signed up to so many positive daily newsletters that I cannot help but be inspired by something. The bad news is that I read so much about what I should be doing (such a nasty word - "should"), then file the email away to put it in to practice later. And then usually get distracted by something completely non-important.

I think I need to print one quote I received today, in 72 point bold, and stick it on every wall in the house:
"Do you value life? Then waste not time, for that is the stuff of which life is made" Benjamin Franklin.
Oh - so another thing to add to the list...

On a lighter note, from tonight at sunset through to sunset tomorrow is the 9th day of Av - Kabbalistically speaking the most negative energy day of the year. It nicely rounds up the past 22 days, which have been also negative. And I have made a decision to fast for 25 hours - no food and no drink from 8:45 pm tonight until 10:20pm tomorrow. I have never fasted before so this will be an interesting experience - and on the most negative day of the year? What fun. No wonder the 10th day of Av is such a great day.

I have been dying to get my hair cut for the past few weeks now. The cut was never right to begin with and is now driving me absolutely insane. I was looking for 'funky' and 'choppy' and 'off my face' but have been getting by with 'floor mop'. But what to do with it? I needed to find a style that works with my fine, straight hair, that wasn't too short, but was away from my face, that had texture...

Given my previous lack of success for communicating with hairdressers (how hard can it be? Which part of 'I need the texture really cut in to my hair and all of the weight taken out. I want it off my face. I want a short and choppy fringe' do they not understand?) I decided I needed a good photo. Something where hopefully their eyes could see what their ears had been missing. I browsed the Internet for pictures and found lots of pictures of styles that wouldn't work (or rather, didn't require an hour's worth of styling and a can of product every day to look half decent - yes, that's right, I want "effortless" too).

Then a couple of days ago I was rooting around for a couple of passport sized photos for a photocard and found two the same that I could use. They were taken a few years ago during a previous attempt to grow out my hair, and I thought 'oo, that's the fringe I want... actually, that's the length I want too...' I thought about photocopying the photo and printing out a copy for the hairdresser, but being lazy decided to just take in my photocard and they could work from that. I picked up the photocard yesterday. The photo is covered with holographic text and the hairstyle is barely visible. So now I need to find a hair stylist with really good eyesight as well as great communication skills....

Something else to add to the list.....


  1. There was a book out a number of years ago, called "The Tyranny of the Should." The premise was that all the things we "should" do dominate our lives, and need to be reviewed to see if they're really necessary.

    Because most aren't.

  2. Oh I should really read that book... D'Oh!

    I am slowly but surely changing all of my 'shoulds' to 'wants'.... but it is a tough habit to break...