Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Power of Words

Okay, so this is no longer funny. I still cannot speak. What was a croak yesterday afternoon was reduced to a complete whisper last night.

This is not fun for a Gemini - ruled by the planet Mercury: the Messenger, the Communicator. Taking the power of speech from a Gemini is like taking the wings from a bird. Yesterday afternoon I was reading 'Training for Dummies', which is ironic. Whoever heard of a mute Trainer?

So, the Universe wants to teach me a lesson, and the sooner I learn it, the sooner my words will return. And I don't think they will be the same words as before.

The Tree of Life reality works on the premise of positive actions reaping positive outcomes - you reap what you sow. Plant an apple seed, and you don't expect an orange tree to grow. Plant a bad seed, don't water it and what, you want nice fruit? Anything physical in the universe starts with something metaphysical. Everything created in this world was conceived by thought.

Thought. Word. Deed. Take away the Words and what am I left with? My thoughts.

I am a quick learner. I am quick to observe. I am also quick to open my mouth and dominate a conversation, chip in my two-pen'orth, verbalise everything that runs through my mind, make myself feel better by having something to say. My Ego considers that everything that churns out of my mouth is something of value and worth hearing, but after being forced to listen to others without the ability to respond, I am changing my mind.

I am meeting them all - from the people who compensate for their own insecurities with dramatic and snippy statements to those who have to provide a running commentary of every action. But like I said, without the physical ability to react or respond, I am forced to listen to my thoughts - my own Ego, chattering away.

"Oh that's terrible - you have to leave at one thirty? I can tell you, darling, you will miss lunch. They are running so late. I have been here since half nine and they've only just really started. What will you do?" (like I am going to die if I miss the lunch, or something? Like I've made a tragic error by assuming that they would start on time? Have you not thought that considering I have been coming here for twice as long as you have that I haven't worked out that most connections here start late? Chill, lady, my spiritual completion isn't going to hinge around a single lunch). Hey, so probably you can't speak because you talk too much anyway. (Gee, thanks. I'll take that on board.)

"I think the strudel is cooked now. I think it needed longer in the oven (well, that figures) Oh but I don't know how I didn't see that the ice-cream was mint. I didn't notice in the shop and I didn't notice when I put in the freezer. I don't like the mint. (You've said this already, twice).... So, we will take this from here.... and put on here..... I think you will like this. Yes, I think you will. Good to have something warm. Maybe you have the pasta tomorrow.....Still, we will have the dessert. ............... It's not so bad because they have the white ice-cream on the top............(yes, it's nice) and the chocolate is good. You think the chocolate is good? (is a nod good enough for you?) but still all the same I like the vanilla.... It has raisins inside (You don't say. It's an apple strudel, it should have raisins inside, and yes, I noticed there were raisins. Actually, they are sultanas, not raisins. Oh and apple too. Are you going to point out the apple too? Or maybe the pastry?) I think it's warm enough. Do you think it's cooked? (of course it's cooked, can you not tell for yourself?) I think so............ You should have some more - please finish it. I am full. I am not hungry today. (I have just eaten the equivalent of 2000 calories in pastry, apples and ice-cream, and you think I should be eating more? I bet this serves 6 people minimum. There are two of us. If I eat any more, I will be sick). Painfully I croak "Seriously, I am full - thank you. It's really delicious" ............................ Really I think you should finish it. (*sigh* oh please don't force me to speak again). I am not hungry today. I had big lunch. It was so cold..... and they say that the weather is going to get a little bit colder...... So much rain........... *sigh* much rain. Too much for the birds, I think".

Too much for me, I think.

Listening to other people makes me realise how dull some of my own verbal ramblings can be, and how much of what I say isn't necessary at all.

The only amusing part in all of this is watching other people's reactions when the only response that you can continually give is a smile. Not being able to converse and fill in the gaps and agree or disagree has a remarkable effect. Because whilst I am left with my thoughts, they are left with the sound of their own voices.

A learning experience for us all.


  1. Now I am at a loss for what to say. ~ wink ~

    I did come across something very interesting about being heard. To paraphrase: we are created when we are listened to.

    I've been mulling that around.

  2. Hello Goddess - I hear you :o) That's a very interesting statement - I certainly feel as though I don't exist when I cannot speak. What this also means to me is when I am not listening to other people, I am limiting their creation... Blimey.

  3. I do hope you get your voice back...that is a provocative statement...Happy Pesach!

  4. Hi e: The voice is returning and the words are being more carefully chosen... let's see how long it lasts! Chag Samear