Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Monthly Dragon

I would like to write a nice witty entry today, but instead I have PMT and can't think of anything funny.

I think it started yesterday, when I grumpily started to clean up my house and ended up furious with all household appliances. I think you could call it a fit of pique. But I have no idea what that means.

The frustration started when my Dyson refused to pick up the sock fluff on my bedroom floor, which appeared to be thoroughly ground in. I pushed the damned thing backwards, forwards and sideways to no effect, until I had virtually rammed my wooden bed frame and the bottom of my chest of drawers in to oblivion. 'Calm down' I thought and decided that maybe the Dyson would stand a better chance if I had emptied it once in the past year. So I emptied it and started again - to no effect - and wondered if this was really a job for the Sebo in the downstairs cupboard. Feeling far too frustrated and angry to drag the Sebo upstairs (fearing for the banisters), I started picking at the sock fluff with my hands, breaking a nail. Fantastic. That helped.

But I couldn't stop there, because I had to clean the bathroom. It was suffering from severe neglect and I could no longer bear the slow draining sink and the dust bunnies wafting around behind the toilet. Sucking up the dust bunnies was actually quite fun (once I started shouting "run, bunny, run!" as each one was drawn towards its doom), but that still didn't stop me from almost pushing the plunger through the bathroom sink in a rage when it wouldn't clear.

I got there in the end.

What amuses me is that PMT sneaks up on me every month. Without fail. It is only when I realise that I sound like a three year old (How about testing out that website? Don't.Want.To. Well how about re-writing your CV? Don't.Want.To. What about cooking something for dinner? Not.Hungry. You might get hungry later... No.I.Won't.And.If.I.Do.I.DON'T.CARE!!!) for longer than half an hour that I think to check my calendar and realise that once again I have been caught out.

Now, back to writing my CV...
Strong points... Hmm.. I am organised... I am a great communicator... I am calm under pressure.... I am a pleasure to work with....


  1. I miss my old hard wood floors, but I certainly DON'T miss the dust bunnies.
    Really enjoyed the blog.
    Next time PMT comes knocking at your door, take a leaf out of your sister's book and eat chocolate. That's what I do!!

  2. And can you believe that I actually had NO CHOCOLATE in the house for those two days?! What was I thinking?!
    In a better mood now (after half a large bar of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut...)