Thursday, 12 February 2009

Things I like a lot... and not so much

I couldn't resist this post and I apologise for my lack of knowledge on posting clips from You Tube! But I have to share.

Names that make me laugh
The following names make me giggle whenever I see them or think about them:
Rip Torn (actor)
Nina Nannar (news reporter)
Annette Curtain (no, seriously)
Russell Sprout (honestly)
Jenna Taylor (didn't the parents think about that one?)
and last but not least - and you have to pity my sense of humour on this one..
Mary Burger-Curry. The name is hyphenated - wouldn't you want it to be one or the other?!

Adverts that make me laugh
A blast from the past - SuperNoodles
Another blast from the past - No, but I know a man who can..
New Barclays advert - Love the bit in the library...
John Smiths... 'Ave it!

Adverts that somehow really get my back up... every time!!
Specsavers Christmas ad - if she is serving the Xmas pudding, why haven't they eaten the f%£$@#!! turkey?!?! Grrrrrr!!!!

And the second advert that gets up my nose is even more irritating because I can't find it. Probably because I switch off so quickly that I haven't yet understood what product it is for, but more likely because it is for only one of the plethora of anti-wrinkle face creams which "fills even deep wrinkles". Marvellous. What I don't understand is how this advert can be effective. The advert starts by aging a woman's face on screen to exagerate all of her lines, make her skin look grey, give her dark shadows under the eyes. She looks pretty knackered by the end of it. Then another woman appears in close up, twenty years younger, with absolutely no lines on her face whatsoever. None. Not a crease. Not the mearest hint of a crinkle. Either this woman has never laughed in her life, or she is full up to the scalp-line with Botox, or the film has been methodically air-brushed (oh, you think?). Either way, it doesn't encourage me to believe in their product! I'll stick to looking wrinkled, creased and baggy-eyed like everyone else, and spend the money I save on chocolate!


  1. I've often thought people who get plastic surgery would be better off to spend their cash on therapy -- to get used to who they are, and to accept the fact that they're going to age. So I completely agree with you on the chocolate vs. wrinkle cream question!

  2. That made me go ahead girl and spend that money on least you'll be smiling and happy while you're wrinkled and old!! lol....