Monday, 22 February 2010

Interesting times

So here I am, 6 days from Move day.

Actually, I booked the van for 6 days time, but have to be out in 8 days. Phew! When you put it like that it seems like forever!

Because I still haven't got a clue where I am moving to.

Somehow, in the next 6 days, I have to find a home for the following:
  • An American Queen sized bed base
  • Two 7ft x 3 ft bookcases
  • A two seater sofa
  • A fridge freezer
  • A coffee table
  • A cheap dining table
  • A 26" flat screen TV (plus TiVo recorder, DVD and Video Recorder, DVD player, Freeview box...)
And possibly:
  • Two chests of drawers
  • Two canvas wardrobes
  • 4 boxes of items currently not selling on eBay.
Oh, and Me.

So it's interesting.

I went to view a place the other day, made my best effort to charm the landlord (who lives in the flat) and am due to hear back today whether I am The Chosen One out of all of the people who came to view. The room is part furnished. It would fit my stuff. It is perfectly located. He is very jovial. I think I might be lucky.

Plus when I visualised my Perfect Home and put in my request to the Creator, the house had a modern flushing toilet, amazing shower, and a 5 ring gas hob. Oh, and the landlord has the same taste in wooden furniture (although I didn't actually mention that in my request, but, nice touch - thanks). So it's all just meant to be. Isn't it.

Isn't it? Oh crap.

So I have spent the last couple of days working out how to arrange my newly whittled belongings in to his spare room. Instead of focusing long and hard on finding as many suitable places that I can stay.

So here is where my Certainty comes in to play - I've already booked the van. And if push comes to shove and I have nowhere to go, then it's not going to be that hard to rent some storage for a week or two, let's face it - somebody will let me sleep in their spare room whilst I am still looking.

As for the packing and clearing and moving, the only items actually packed at the moment are the ones posted on eBay, so that they are good to go. If they sell. Everything else is still almost in its place. The reason for this is a dread of the pending chaos - once you start to pack and sort, there are going to be boxes all over the place. And in the middle of all of this, the Lettings Agency keep bringing people round to view the place, reminding me that I have yet to find somewhere to live.

I have only been in once when they have brought people round to view. For one thing, the schoolboy who came to show them round (what, is he on the Youth Training Scheme or something?) didn't bother to knock to see if I was in - just opened the front door and turned bright red when he saw me sitting there. The 'interested' party followed him round the house talking in hushed tones, peering in to cupboards, afraid to say what they actually thought whilst I was sitting there. I could see that the place wasn't for them as soon as they walked in - they're not the Old, Victorian, Crumble-Down, Tumbly-Up House type. They wouldn't last a day with that toilet, which makes all of the valiant flushing sounds in the world, but achieves very little with 9 litres of water. (Don't you know, Mr Toilet, that there are people in the world who are crying out for that 9 litres of water that you are wasting?!)

And it's a pain having people round to view the place - not so much because of the interruption, but more the reminder that I haven't actually found somewhere to live myself, and perhaps instead of going through my bathroom junk to see what I can throw out, I should be surfing the net on the lookout for flatmates??

Anyway, I've finally started. Last night I cleared out 6 bin liners full of junk, which currently has no place to go and is sitting in my living room in front of other things which I have now decided to take to the dump. So I'm going to be tripping over that all day.

And the good news is that there will be no more visitors - they have finally let the house, so the only person to be tripping over stuff will be me.

Of course, I'm taking this as a sign that I will receive a positive call from my new landlord later today.
Or that the Universe is about to kick my butt for being so complacent and putting all of my eggs in to one basket...

I'll let you know which....


  1. Keep your chin up, you will find somewhere. Good luck with the rest of the packing and with the move.

  2. Well, you've made a start, and with the deadline looming, I'm sure something good must be afoot. Best of luck. I can't wait to see what unfolds.