Monday, 31 May 2010

The Big Personality Test Results

The rest of the British public had finished filling in their forms on the BBC Website for the Big Personality Test, so I decided to have a go. The outcome surprised me a little. Well, part of it.

I scored High in three areas, and Low in two.

Openness - High
Describes to what extent you are open to novel ideas, creative experiences and different values. I guess dancing around a washing up bowl of water at 3am and whacking 5 willow twigs in to the dirt at 5am might count as some of the above, both of which I encountered with a sense of fun. I like new things. My mother always said I was a bit different. All I need to do now is to translate that sense of openness to a working world, where new tasks and projects still (internally) catch me like a rabbit caught in headlights.

Extroversion - Low
Describes to what extent you are inclined to experience positive emotions and how attracted you are to social, stimulating experiences.
Hmm... define 'social stimulating experiences'. Sounds a bit dicey to me.
I guess I can agree with the first part of the statement - I have to work at being 'glass half full'.
Apparently introverted people aren't shy, and I'm not. I have always been the type of person who can amuse herself for hours. You name it - Lego, Playpeople, reading, colouring in. Who wants to take turns when there is only one bike? And share sweets? Forget it. My pocket money, my sweets. Buy your own. I have never needed a crowd of people to keep me occupied (which is what this is all about) and spend a lot of time on my own. Way too much time.

Wow - no wonder I have bob-all. If the laws of the Universe and 'what you give you get back' are anything to go by, then this simple test explains a lot...

Agreeableness - High
Describes to what extent you are concerned about the feelings of others and how easily you form bonds with people.
I thought that agreeableness was a good thing - getting along with others. Apparently not. High agreeableness = people pleaser = doormat.
No wonder I didn't want to play with other kids or share my sweets.

Okay, so list of things to do (so far):
  1. Spend more time with other people.
  2. If you can't afford to take a bottle of wine, take a nice pack of biscuits.
  3. Take biscuits out of handbag when you arrive rather than thinking that your friends look like they are putting on weight and would be better off without them.
  4. If someone offers you some work 'without pay but it would be good experience for you' tell them to stick it where the Light doesn't shine. Politely, of course.
Neuroticism - High
Describes to what extent you react to perceived threats and stressful situations.
See 'Rabbit caught in headlights' above.
Apparently being neurotic isn't such a bad thing - in fact, if it is combined with a Conscientiousness rating of High then it can make for a successful career.

Conscientiousness - Low
Describes to what extent you are organised, strategic and forward-planning.
Oh. Surely this should be High. I am organised. Kind of. Or should that be a bit OCD?
I've always known where I am heading. Hmmm... then again, let's rethink that. No, I haven't. I've been wandering round in the flowery maze in my head since the day I was born. Avoiding all people and keeping my sweets to myself, thank you very much. The other thing about conscientious people is that they get things done. They finish what they

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  1. Sounds like the BBC are running out of ideas again. You have always sounded like a very conscientious person to me.