Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another day passed

Where do the days go? I have an empathy with this character...

After a hard day and a long conversation with my sister, I have realised how little I have been living over the past two years. I took redundancy to change my life for the better, but have somehow found a life of solitude and detachment. Life is a game. It's about time I realised that I deserve a little bit of fun. A lot of fun, in fact. And Love. Lots of Love.

All I need is one change to start the ball rolling. And whilst I am looking I will continue to turn to YouTube to introduce a bit of giggling in to my life...


  1. Why is that large rat-like thing shouting my name?

  2. Where on earth do you find these clips! Sitting here giggling to myself. And yes, Alan, you do appear to be in demand...what's it like to be so popular?

  3. Alan - I have no idea - maybe he wants some urgent blogging advice? (Have you asked Steve?)

    Nicola - They are all from A Walk on the Wild Side which aired on BBC1 recently. Lots of repetition but some very funny clips.