Wednesday, 2 September 2009

This and That

Signs of encouragement keep appearing through my self-imposed gloom, brought on through procrastination. Perhaps the Light is working for me after all. Oh me of little faith.

First, I helped a student of mine obtain some materials for the course he is on, and in return was offered a discount (by a different person) for the women's seminar with Karen Berg, which I really wanted to attend, but again thought "I can't afford". Even with the discount, if you add on the rail travel, my reaction is "I can't afford" but I am nipping that thought in the bud and booking it anyway. If I'm going to go in to debt then I would rather invest in my spiritual growth than buy shoes. Although new shoes would be nice. Perhaps I ought to scan for that too.

Secondly, after my hard graft in the front garden hacking away at the hedge a couple of weeks ago, many hours (oh, okay, minutes) have been spent looking at the size of the hedges in the back garden, and the enormous pine tree which is threatening to hide the shed. And I have been wondering how many weeks it will take to cram all of the foliage in to my single brown bin, knowing that I have to wait two weeks for each collection. I think my latest calculation was to get the job done by January, and amass 1,500 scratches on my arms in the process, which will take until I am 43 to heal.

But no more. I've just had a call from a gardener to say that the Letting Agents are sending him round to quote for trimming the tree and the hedges in the back garden. This is totally out of the blue - the Letting Agents did not even mention this when I phoned to query the installation of my aerial and painting the exterior woodwork. Bonus!

And last but not least, this song just about says it all for me at this moment in time (especially the bit at the end!)


  1. How nice to have someone tuck you in at the end of a long day.

  2. Yes - even if they are invisible. Even better to have a cup of tea in bed first thing in the morning....