Thursday, 3 September 2009

Funny, that.

I was on the train back from Hertford today, when two teenagers wandered through the carriage and then plonked themselves aggressively on the seat behind me. They appeared to be in the throes of a rebellious phase, carrying an energy and attitude that said "don't mess wiv me - I'm 'ard". So I didn't.

Five minutes later when the train started moving, one of them walked over and said "Excuse me, is it okay if I open a window?" the politeness of which kind of took me by surprise. "Yes, that's fine" I replied, at which point he opened the window, sat back down and then rolled and lit a cigarette which they smoked between them, peppering their conversation with enough expletives to make sure that it was known that they were indeed truly 'ard as nails.

But how funny that they should ask me if it was okay to open the window, letting in fresh air, but not ask me if I minded them smoking? Oo I bet their Mums would go spare. Where are their manners!

I think they might need a little more practice at being rebels - bless.


  1. Yes, and isn't the "excuse me" wonderful. With teenage hooligans like this there is hope for the future of the world.

  2. Great post...needed a smile after reading a not-so-happy post written by someone else.

  3. Glad to inject a bit of hope and happiness back in to the world. And glad that I didn't confront them on the smoking - or this might have been a very different post indeed!