Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Fountain of Youth

I haven't been up to an awful lot today which has amounted to anything remotely productive. But at least I am honest.

I did have a meeting with my Business Advisor, though, and caught the bus. Yes, and it was theBig Bus both ways this time. I am blessed. But I think I am now permanently trapped in the judgement of buses and having the words "Oo, it's the Big Bus. I like this bus" or "Oh, it's not the Big Bus. This bus isn't as nice as the Big Bus" unwittingly flashing across my synapses whenever a bus arrives. Hey Ho.

What else did I do today? Oh yes, I spent ten minutes performing the 5 Tibetan Rituals to align the vortexes (energy centres, chakras) in my body. They are basically 5 Yoga styley movements that take only a few minutes to do with the promise of seeing incredible results (such as the return of your natural hair colour - can't test that one - or the disappearance of wrinkles) within the space of 10 weeks. I read the words "make your wrinkles disappear", saw that the product was backed by several personal development gurus, and was hooked.

So I bought it and am going to see whether it works. I will let you know the results. Or at least if there are any signs of improvement. The exercises claim to take decades off your appearance, which in my case, wouldn't really be of help. I mean, would you buy Life Coaching and Personal Development courses from this woman?

Note the very high and slightly wonky fringe - a result of my mother's thriftiness, lack of hair dressing skills and my tendency to fidget....


  1. Hahahaha! Had forgotten that photo. What a little cutie you were. ARE! Keep me posted on the age reversal success, I could do with a little of that myself. xxxx

  2. "such as the return of your natural hair colour". Send product details at once!

  3. Be my guest although Caveat Emptor!
    All I am hoping for is an improvement in skin tone and raised energy levels which could come from any form of regular exercise and a better diet. But thought I might give this a proper trial out of sheer curiosity!!

  4. You're cute :)
    How many decades off is that?!