Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Better Hair Day.....

..... bad nose day ("I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too....")

I'm now thinking of going with e's suggestion of wearing a hat - except that I am about as good with hats as I am with hair and am not sure I can get away with this one day to day - the net gets in the way of my nose.

Today I had a few pleasant surprises. I've been trying to price up my items for the car boot sale on Sunday and decided to search eBay to find the prices and popularity of items online.
Socket sets do not appear to sell very well, although when they do, they appear to go for a reasonable price. Not that this helps, because I am not sure that the 'reasonable price' on eBay is one that will be paid by someone browsing at a car boot sale. If I am going to price my 'quality second-hand merchandise' (a.k.a. "tat") beforehand, then it needs to be a price which will not scare away the potential buyers who are too shy to haggle. But then I don't want to drop too low either. Perhaps if I get more than one interested party, I can ask them to write their best bid on a scrap of paper, with their email address and drop it in a tin.

So, what else can I search for...? Roller-blades - plenty of them on eBay, none of them selling. Mark them up at a token price.

Next! Heavy duty 4-socket extension cable reel. Cheapest price on eBay for exactly the same product = £15. Mark up for £10.

Next! See whether any of my Queen Vinyl albums are worth more than the proposed 75p car boot sale market price. Oo, hello. Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe Barcelona Album, selling a couple of times in the last week or so for £20. Rare, apparently. Queen 'Hammer To Fall' 12" single - lots of them listed, but with a red cover, whereas mine has a photo cover. Curious. Oo, hello again. Here we go - rare limited edition with photo cover, one copy still in auction with two bidders, current bid £21.

I appear to have at least £100 worth of Queen vinyl which I was about to sell for £6. Plus £80 worth of Queen music score books, and the Complete Works box set worth around £80 (depending on the online competition). Well, who knew?

For years I have put up with the screwed up faces of friends, accompanying the words "Eurgh, you don't like Queen do you?"

What's the saying? Oh, yes. She who laughs last, laughs longest. Magic.


  1. "She who laughs last has a remarkably long nose" if the photograph is anything to go by.

  2. Alan: Yes, I picked it in Wilkinsons :o)

  3. And I had to fold my own nose over twice before the false one would fit...

  4. I love le chapeau, KR! (I know a blogger who loves Queen...Check out Baino's Banter and see if she's interested. Not sure about the shipping, but its worth asking...)

    As for me, I need a job and an uplift, neither of which is in your power to supply...I also have the travel bug...

  5. e: Thanks for the tip re: Baino - always worth asking! Ah, the travel bug - does it ever go away?