Monday, 9 November 2009

A Titanic number of coincidences

I feel as though I am going slightly mad. Anyone fancy an experiment?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post relating to the number of times that the Titanic appears to be cropping up in my every day life. In brief, here they are:
  1. Being recommended to visit the Titanic exhibition in New York by a couple of strangers;
  2. Taking part in a Kabbalah workshop to understand our Greatness, by giving a pitch on why we deserved to take the last seat in the last lifeboat on the Titanic;
  3. Visiting a shop with my friend to buy a postcard and noticing the board outside covered with fridge magnets for the Titanic;
  4. Reading some old love letters on the same day as above and finding two references to watching the film Titanic;
  5. Catching a documentary on TV which was talking about the White Star line (and which had mentioned the Titanic, although I missed that bit).
Following this post, I then read a few more letters and came across another reference to the film Titanic (an entire paragraph written by another friend who had just watched the film for the second time, years after its release).

At the end of my astrology reading last Wednesday, the reader asked me whether I had any more questions.

"Yes, just one really silly one" I said "Since Rosh Hashannah I keep seeing references to the Titanic all of the time. What does this mean?"
She looked back at the chart. "Well, it's possible. Possible that this was a past life for you. Are you afraid of water?"
I explained 'not really' although I have always felt uncomfortable swimming or sailing over deep water where you cannot see what is beneath. Although perhaps some of that trauma came from watching the film 'Jaws'. (The film scared me so much when I watched it aged eleven. In fact, I was so terrified that I lost an entire night's worth of sleep waiting for the shark to burst up through my bedroom floor. Seriously)

She looked back at the chart. "It's not showing up clearly, you understand? It is possible. Maybe this is a sign for you that a new life is beginning - the old life is sinking and you need to get your head above water and swim for the shore, you know?"

And so I dropped it. Or thought that I had.

Two days later someone mentioned the Titanic out of the blue on TV.
I then received an invite to the Thrillionaires Club - the founder of which has visited the resting place of the Titanic.
Dermot O'Leary introduced the X Factor this week, saying that it was going to be a Titanic show.

And this morning I was halfway through an article by the wonderful Deepak Chopra, discussing how the brain responds to events, and stopped short at this statement:
"One person who gets bad news becomes devastatingly depressed while another quickly bounces back. One person becomes manic with good news and starts acting with irrational exuberance (think of the famous line from the movie Titanic: "I'm king of the world!") while another person takes good news in stride.

I think perhaps there is a message in this article that I needed to read. I know from my astrology reading that there are things and people I need to respond to differently, and recent events are providing me with that challenge all over again.

All the same, I would like to set a challenge for anyone willing to take part. For the next week, think of the Titanic for five minutes every day... and then count how many references to the Titanic start to pop up in your life.

Or is it just me?


  1. Your post appeared on my blog-roll seconds after I posted today's post on News From Nowhere. If you read it you will note the coincidence. Now you are even getting an old fool like me believing that there is something odd going on!

  2. And the number of coincidences just went up by another notch. Take a peek at Alan's blog if you don't already read..

    Alan, like it or not, I believe you may already be a participant in my challenge...

  3. I think you have only just touched the tip of the iceberg with all of these coincidences.

    Did I just say ICEBERG???