Tuesday, 17 November 2009

First Impressions

Last night I caught the train to London to attend Rosh Chodesh, the New Moon of Sagittarius. The lecture, as always, was very enlightening. There are two major planets squared this month - Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn (apparently) is known as the Big Devil. When Saturn blunders through your chart, you are likely to lose things. If you are in a relationship that isn't working out, it ends. If you have a wrong attachment to material possessions, they are taken away. If you do not appreciate something good in your life, that goes too (hence leading to a new appreciation).

I can't remember what Pluto does. But he's a good guy. I think I was so busy trying to retrospectively appreciate everything that I have, I missed that bit.

Anyhow, Scorpio, being a challenging month, may have led us in to a bit of a dark hole (check). As usual, with Kabbalah, anything that we perceive as bad is explained as being good for us! How does that work? The explanation was that the further you 'fell' in during the month of Scorpio, the greater the rise you can experience in Sagittarius - as long as you don't run away from your challenges.

But I digress, because that isn't what this post was meant to be about at all.

Whilst waiting for the train, I stood outside the waiting room on the platform. Just when I was considering the option of sheltering from a rather bitter wind, a man came along and tried one of the doors to the waiting room and found that it was locked. He then wandered round to the other side of the waiting room and glanced briefly at the knob on the other door, which was sticking out like a crab's eye on a stalk, and shaking his head in dismay at the general lack of upkeep at the station, he carried on walking and found shelter round the corner.

Two minutes later a smartly dressed woman approached the waiting room, grabbed hold of the knob and wrestled the door open. Once inside, she stood at the window and proceeded to stare in my general direction. I wandered back and forth across the platform and she seemed to follow me wherever I went. When she turned and faced a different direction I could see her looking at me in the reflection of the glass.

I started to feel paranoid. Who are you? Jeez, you're giving the creeps - stop staring! Whilst building up a drama in my head that she was out to get me, and that any minute her eyes would glow red and vapourise me on the spot, I noticed that the door knob on the inside of the waiting room had fallen off. Which meant that with the other door locked, she couldn't get out.

This then led to the conclusion that this woman must be totally stupid. Stupid as well as being alien and evil and out to get me. But at least she can't get out.

Five minutes later the train arrived and because she had been staring in my direction, she didn't see it until it was at a standstill. It was only at this point that she tried the door, saw that the knob was missing, panicked and started hammering on the window for help.

So what should I do? Let the evil stalker out? Or notify the police that there is an alien trapped in the waiting room of platform 2..? As I got on the train, noticing that nobody else had heard her cries, I saw that her hands were leaving green slime on the windows. I'd had a lucky escape.

Oh okay, I made that bit up. When I opened the door for her, she was so thankful and relieved. She simply hadn't noticed on her way in that the door knob was missing. Far from the somber, staring, stalker who gave me the creeps earlier, she was actually really lovely and exuded warmth. She was also European, and probably used to standing in waiting rooms which weren't falling apart at the seams.

Funny what an over-active mind can create as a first impression.


  1. Hello Kabbalah,

    Both you and she were fortunate; she for your help to get out and you for the realisation that she wasn't a monster, but a lovely human being. I wish more of humanity had such realisations about themselves and others. The world might actually become a more peaceful place.

  2. Hi e, It is so easy to understand 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' in theory, and less easy to put in to practice! There are always people who you feel have to be the exception to the rule because they don't fit in with your ideals. It's funny the perceptions you can make about other people which can change at a moment's notice!