Monday, 16 November 2009

Just for my Sister

Pity my poor lovely sister, stranded in the U.S. of A... unable to enjoy coarse Laaahn-dan accents on a daily basis, too far away for her loving sister to drop by at a moment's notice to help out with some serious Lego construction, but more importantly unable to watch some funny clips on YouTube.

I've been watching the Impressions Show with Jon Culshaw and Debra Stevenson on Saturday nights and some of the clips are hysterical. I emailed a clip today with a You just have to watch this message, and the response came back "Typical. Can't access it"

This might be a long shot... but here goes...


  1. Hello KR,

    I was unable to access the first vid due to copyright restrictions; the second had me laughing...

    Where is your sister?

  2. My sister is in Chicago. She couldn't access the first video, but then when she searched YouTube for Impressions Show, she was able to see the Davina McCall clip. So funny if you are familiar with Davina McCall. These people are so talented - their impressions are spot on.

  3. i'm either too american, or too depressed. one of the two. maybe both.

  4. Aw JST!: Apologies - not very good on the American humour. Accept a virtual {{HUG}} instead.