Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Upside Down

This may be the strangest post I have ever made. Something potentially so big has just happened in my life and for the first time I am choosing to stay quiet. There is so much that I want to say - specifically because I have spent a large chunk of my life staying quiet and I no longer want to be in that situation, but now is not the time to share - not until I have more information anyway. To vent my frustration, all I can post is this:

In addition to the last 18 hours being nothing other than surreal, my living room floor is covered with boxes. As part of the clearing out, I am churning through old photos and keepsakes, chucking out the duplicates and images which are not attached to memories that I feel a need to keep, and repacking them.

And I have a man from the Office of National Statistics coming round at 5pm to do a survey on living conditions in the UK. Boy, is he ever in for a surprise.

I suppose I could try and clear a path between the sofa and the front door...


  1. Ok...now I'm curious.
    Details please!!!

  2. oh, now you've done it.
    so i will wait (im)patiently.

    no sense in clearing a path.
    give him the full taste.

  3. Strangely related to the post I did just now :)

  4. You may all have to wait a while until I am in a position to talk about this, so in the meantime I apologise for being such a tease...

    As for the Survey man, he made it to the couch. Survey took 3 times longer than he stated, and floor is even more of a mess. Oh well.

  5. You can choose not to tell us, but you can't stop us guessing. And what is my guess ..... nah, not telling you.

  6. Gah! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! :o)
    The reason I can't say anything is because it involves the boys in blue. And no, I haven't been arrested. Yet.

  7. Well, this I can't wait to hear!