Sunday, 25 October 2009

Two Paths

I have reached a state of blogging confusion, but confusion is always a good thing. When you are in a state of confusion it means that you are starting to question - that you no longer accept everything as it was and that you are no longer the same as you once were. It also means that something new is potentially trying to come in.

Being one of the most mentally over-active people on the planet, it is not easy for me to let go and allow the answers to come to me. I have to not only know the answer, but understand every possible path to every possible solution with all of the potential pros and cons along the way. In this sense I am my own worst enemy.

Almost a year ago I started two blogs. One was "Connecting to the Ninety Nine Percent" which was intended to track my experiences with Kabbalah and its associated tools and connections. The second was this blog - Life in the One Percent - which was to provide space for me to just be me, warts and all (p.s. I've never had warts - just the occasional verruca. Thanks, local swimming pool). It was intended to be amusing, not inspiring. The two blogs were meant to complement each other showing different sides of my life.

For whatever reason, the two blogs have merged in to this one and perhaps this means that more of my life revolves around spirituality than it did before which is a good thing.

But every now and again I want to write something distinctly un-spiritual. Something totally shallow, or amusing but bitchy. And it just doesn't seem to fit on this blog. Or perhaps this is a sign that I still worry too much what other people think.

On a completely different subject, I watched Episode One of Star Wars last night: The Phantom Menace. I have been a lover of Star Wars since being taken to see the original Star Wars film at the Franklin D.Roosevelt theatre somewhere in New York state when I was seven years old. What I didn't realise at the time was that there was such a close correlation between The Force and the Laws of the Universe.

My connection with Yoda was nothing more than the ability to do an impressive impersonation of him at the mere mention of The Force. In fact, there were periods of my life where this provided such a source of amusement that entire conversations backwards spoken, they were.

But last night I found myself writing down quotes that could potentially be used in future workshops - Yoda's messages are far deeper than they first appear. He touches on subjects such as Fear, Certainty, Belief and the limitations of the mind. It's a whole new way to watch the films - the force of the Jedi against the Dark Side compares easily with the Light vs. The Ego.

Take for instance his conversation with Anakin Skywalker at the Jedi Council:
"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to Suffering" How true.

Even more profound is the connection between belief and success, as shown in this wonderful clip. See if you can spot the wisdom...


  1. I have found that having only one blog has simplified my life.
    It is the melting pot of all 3 previous incarnations, all different aspects of me.
    As for Yoda, I'll look at that later.

  2. i never had warts either!
    i could swear we are related...

    great post.
    as usual.

    love the quote from yoda.
    never saw star wars.
    i have been living in a cave all my life.

    and last but certainly not least, the HELL with what other people think.
    this is your blog dammit.
    write whatever you like.
    i, for one, love reading it.

  3. Lulu: I love your new blog and yes, it does help to have everything in one place... good point, well made.

    JST: Perhaps we knew each other in a past life...
    I can highly recommend Star Wars - when you next leave your cave, rent the DVD :o)
    and thanks for your comments - you're right, this is MY blog, dammit!