Thursday, 22 October 2009

Leaving my house of treasures

I spent yesterday evening opening boxes in the back room. Boxes marked 'Car Boot' which have not been opened for two and half years. There were things tucked away that I forgot I ever had and some I thought I had thrown out years ago. With the exception of a decorative beaded candle holder which I momentarily visualised sitting next to the fireplace, I felt no attachment or emotion to any of the items in the boxes. In fact, I was mentally adding items to the boxes as I went along.

Still the question remains as to how to get rid of all of this stuff without hiring a dumper truck.

I have listed a few books on - where you can sell books for £3 and buy them for £3.75. The £3 payment includes the cost of postage and packing, but with larger paperbacks they allow you to add on a little extra to cover the costs. And this would be fine, except for there being 5 other people on the site all trying to sell the same book and deciding to add no extra costs at all.

I also un-turfed my Military Encyclopedia - an enormous volume bought from RAF Alconbury 28 years ago. I'm not particularly keen to sell this for £3 plus postage, but even if I was, there is not an ISBN number to be found anywhere. I wonder what it's worth?

I have to leave the house twice today. And not only does this mean interrupting the process of sorting all of my possessions, it also means that my Tea Drinking Habit is severely disrupted.

Oh I do like a nice cup of tea.

Disclaimer: I look and sound nothing like Sam Brown. And I don't drink my tea standing in a swimming pool either.


  1. That is an interesting link. I haven't come across greenmetropolis before.

  2. Always worth looking on Green Metropolis - especially if you have a specific book in mind!

  3. i ALWAYS drink my tea standing at a swimming pool.

    and bravo on the weeding proccess.
    it's hard but very cleansing. in a number of ways.

  4. JustSomeThoughts: LOL at your comment. I missed a few opportunities there, didn't I? I should have said that I ABSOLUTELY look and sound like Sam Brown too :o)