Monday, 26 October 2009

Maths in the morning

I need more sleep. Or I need to be able to survive on less sleep. Or I just need to be able to fall asleep.

I'm suffering from the insomnia of an overactive mind and not enough exercise during the day. Note to Self: Exercise every day until you are too tired to think, and then go to bed. The only issue with that statement is that my overactive Gemini brain takes a lot to wear down. Oh, the thinking that fires up when my head hits the pillow - all of it worthless.

My head was so active on Friday night that I was awake until 3am. I forced myself to get up for Shabbat, and spent Saturday evening yawning and slobbed out in front of the TV. I dragged myself up the stairs at 11pm, and remembered that the clocks were due to go back, so effectively it was only 10pm. I switched off the alarm and planned a long lie-in.

Sunday morning I opened my eyes feeling fairly awake and looked at the clock. I felt fairly refreshed and expected it to be at least half past eight. It was 5:30 am. Great.

I am usually one of those irritating people who like to be on time for everything, if not early - and so I am in the habit of setting all of my clocks and watches five minutes fast. I'm not sure how this works, but there seems to be some comfort in looking at the time and then realising I have an extra five minutes. It feels like a psychological reprieve from having to do anything.

The alarm clock in my bedroom was set five minutes ahead, but runs fast. Five minutes turned in to six, six in to eight... and now the time is eighteen minutes fast. I know that I need to change it, but cannot remember the combination of buttons to press. So last night I adjusted the alarm to go off at 7:16 which equates to the real time of 5:58am.

And then I went to bed and my mind kicked off again, juggling a thousand random thoughts and leaping from one subject to another.

The alarm went off this morning and I turned it off and went back to sleep. When I woke up the clock said 8:35am. Aaaargh! Overslept again!

Oh no, hang on a minute, take off an hour... 7:35...... take off another 18 minutes.... no, wait, take away ten... 7:25... take off eight..... errrrmmm..... no, go back to 7:35 and take off 20... 7:15.... and add two.... 7:17am. Oh, that's not so bad.

This is all too much first thing in the morning. I think I'll invest a little time today working out how to reset the time on my alarm clock....


  1. Leave it as it is. The mental gymnastics you will have to do each morning will keep your mind wonderfully fit and young. Loved the post. So true, so well told.

  2. Thanks Alan. Plus I have the mental gymnastics of working out which Surreal painting is yours, with not so much as a hint from your good self! More things to keep me awake at night!

  3. is it a gemini thing ?
    now you tell me.

  4. JST: As mental activity goes, Gemini is up there with the best of them. Or the worst of them, depending on how you look at it!