Monday, 19 October 2009

Just Monkeying Around

I've had a couple of stupidly late nights over the weekend and my clock is all out of sorts. Without jet-lag, I am back on American time.

I'm still waiting for the subliminal messages to kick in, although when I was in the shower I did start to feel unusually enthusiastic about my day ahead, so that's good. Now all I have to do is transfer that enthusiasm to my life outside of the shower and we would be getting somewhere.

I also had a bit of strange experience in the Supermarket yesterday. Every week I plan what I want to buy and make a list, excluding chocolate and desserts which I consider a foregone conclusion and which are added to my basket on automatic pilot before I hit the checkouts. But yesterday I reached the 'treat-buying' phase and couldn't think of anything I fancied. Maltesers? hmmm..No. Minstrels? ... Noooo... Strawberry Trifle?.... Tiramisu? None of them appealed. I felt like a new person, walking home with two bags of healthy food. Perhaps this is the New Me, I thought. And then I made a cup of tea and crammed 4 chocolate digestives in to my mouth, sideways.

Oh well, little steps and all that, I said, spitting crumbs.

I keep finding things to do which highlight my need to hang on to things. I have a pile of Good Food magazines which can go to a local waiting room... but perhaps I ought to read through them first and scan in any recipes that I may wish to cook at any point in my adult life, because they are bound to be the only recipes that are not listed in any form on the Internet.

I have a pile of cookery books in the kitchen that I haven't opened for years, but I still want to hang on to them too. Just in case.

Surely if I am not using these things, I should just get rid of them? Or am I keeping hold of them knowing that I am bound to need them the second I no longer have them...? There is a balance between being dragged down by too many possessions, and not wanting to relinquish things that I could possibly need which would cost me to replace. Oh where is that fine line?

At least I have my memories. Last night I trawled through folder upon folder of photos on my laptop, merrily reflecting on my experiences travelling through South East Asia in 2007. There are a disappointing lack of sunsets, lots of pictures of rice fields in the rain, temples of every size and form, and more Buddhas than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and this:

Captions, anyone?


  1. "Not so much a penny-farthing, more a penny-ape knee".

  2. Alan, hilarious! It is possible that your wit has stunned everyone else in to silence...

    The only caption that comes to my mind is
    "Hey! Lady! Moto?"
    after hearing nothing but that for close to 3 months...

  3. I am so outstandingly rubbish at captions. I am sure I will think of one. At some point in 2011. But in the meantime, I will pretend to be merely stunned into silence by Alan's brilliant quip.

    That is a very funny picture. Must show the boys tomorrow. Oh God - I am going to be ruminating on a caption for bloody ever now. Goddam you - I don't have time for this...I have a post to write!!

  4. nothing.




    but it is a cute picture.