Friday, 9 October 2009

Meee and my Sha-dow... and a bit of synchronicity

On Wednesday night I dialled in to a Jack Canfield teleconference for a bit of inspiration. There were 1,000 people on the line, some of whom dialled in last month, and others like me who were new to the call.

They recapped last month's homework: Spend 5 minutes every morning visualising finding a quarter. At the end of the month, report back how many quarters you found. I have played this game before and am frequently thanking the Universe for the small change that I pick up from the pavement, but I hadn't thought about it for a long time. So I decided to give it another go just for fun.

Yesterday morning whilst drinking my second cup of tea, I remembered my new task, but couldn't decide what denomination of coin to pick. 25 cents is roughly 15 pence - so maybe I should visualise finding 20p pieces. I closed my eyes, but my brain was still leaping about: how about 50p? why not £1 coins? It wouldn't settle on a value. As I was leaving the house, I realised that I hadn't really settled on a particular coin - so I decided just to look for coins in general.

When I reached the train station I found a 5 pence piece and swiftly picked it up and put it in my pocket. On my return journey I spotted a 1 pence piece on the platform and swiped that too. No single denomination, but two coins in one day - very good.

Last night in the Kabbalah Two class, the subject was money. The energy of money is my favourite subject. The teacher started the class with the question: "How many of you in class would stop to pick up a 5 pence piece from the pavement? Raise your hands. Okay, so how many of you would stop to pick up a 1 pence piece from the pavement? ....."

I do love little sychronicities - they make me smile.

After the class, there was an all night connection - the Hoshanah Raba. Last night was the last opportunity in the year to make any final corrections before the energy is sealed. Or in other words: if there was any negativity that you didn't want to be a part of your story in the New Year that you hadn't removed through all of the hard work during Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, now was the time to put it right.

The connection started with a reading the entire book of Deuteronomy before midnight (12:47 am) and was followed by a shadow reading.

I was not particularly bothered about the shadow reading. The teachers have the ability to look at your shadow and see your year ahead. They used to tell you what the year ahead held, but after a few disgruntled customers did not like what they heard, they then restricted providing details of the prediction unless the student was likely to suffer ill health or death (at which point advice could be given which could turn the situation around). I didn't like the idea of someone looking at my shadow, being able to see my future and keep that information to themselves. What would be the point of that?

Plus for the past three years, the moon had been solidly hidden behind the clouds and therefore shadow readings had not been possible.

I take it all back - the shadow reading turned out to be the highlight of the night. It was a clear, star filled night, so after 'midnight' scouts were sent out to find the best spot to catch the moonlight. People started to migrate to Regents Park in groups, where we scrambled down a steep bank to the side of the river and waited in line for our turn on the white sheet laid out to assist with the readings. When I arrived it was 2:45am and a thin blanket of cloud covered the moon. A small group of us recited the Ana Bekoach over and over .. breaks in the cloud appeared and soon enough it was my turn.

I stepped on to the sheet. The moon waned for a second or two and I thought for a moment or two that I would be standing there until I heard the words 'no, sorry, that's it - too much cloud', but then suddenly the clouds parted and my shadow burst in to view. After a second or two, the teacher smiled and said "Shana Tova! Very, very good!!" in a very excited voice.

Whaaa? Very, very good? Not just good, okay next! but Very, very good? His enthusiasm had taken me by surprise. I stepped off the sheet and felt an enormous surge of energy. Very, very good!!!!!

It's amazing what takes place in the wee small hours whilst most people are sleeping. Like the four ladies who made their way to Hanover Square at 6am to a small park, climbed over the locked gates, scanned some Hebrew, then proceeded to each whack 5 willow branches against the earth to remove the last traces of negativity from their year before catching their tube trains homeward.

The CCTV spies were probably rolling their eyes... Oh not this mad bunch again...

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  1. I hope the year ahead is indeed a very good one. I'm sure you'll keep us apprised.